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consequence of tears in pillow

From: Lee**** @***paradise.hk
To: lucas****@****.es
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013.
Subject: 金龍天 / theory of human emotion / suicide method / celebrate!

Dear Mr. Varela,

Here it is theory I think sunday morning, no working because sunday it is Golden Dragon Day (GDD, or 金龍天), obligation to relax in all China and Hong Kong.
Theory it is of human emotion, it is classify in HAPPY and SAD, big categories, very general, and then you put emotions inside category. For example 'hate' emotion it is put in sad because it is mean wish to kill and war. On other hand, 'love' maybe put in happy, if consumated (it is mean love making, naked bodies under blanket, slide of skin with soul mate, hand in hand, go to movie but no watching of movie because sweet kiss in mouth, then walk in beach or under rain) but 'love' also maybe put in sad category, when no simmetry, no love in other person, and so no kiss and no walk in beach, nothing but violent breaking of heart in various pieces and crying in dark of room and then sleep in wet pillow (consequence of tears in pillow).

'Anger' also put in sad general category, similar to hate. 'Depression' it is escence of sad, it is mean perception of glass empty in half, all day sadness and wet pillow, and maybe drastic suicide by method of head in oven with open gas and close window, or jump down of roof of building (very tall bulding or short falling it is mean no dead but break of legs!) or jump when train come so train it is passing over or maybe more classic method like bullet in head or hang with rope in neck and kick chair.

Then it is euphoria, opposite of depression, it is escence of happiness, for example after winning bet or when drink of wine bottle, complete bottle only one person so very drunk in happiness, or after consumation of love (it is mean coitus), euphoria and then sleep like baby. Today I am in this part of human emotion, euphoria. Very much euphoria it is in my mind and body, but not because bet winning or love making but because I receive phone call: ship it is in time, it is now in port of japan, like in schedule prediction, first time in life of Mr. Lee I see ship in port like schedule prediction, so euphoria. Liu Kang, my assistant, celebrate with me with techno dancing. He usually in depression part of human emotion, but today double Prozac and celebrate!

On regards of shipment you await: everything on time! That is correct, baby, no delay, ship in japan, like schedule, shake of ass in celebrate!

Best regards,

Mr. Lee.